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17th September
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17 September 2005
Even though he has more supporters than Nadal, Ferrero lost the Spanish derby (semi final). At the after match interview Ferrero said although he has not confirmed his itinerary for next year, but Beijing has left him with a good impression so if it is possible, he will return next year.
Speaking of the semi final match against Nadal, Ferrero felt that Nadal was faster than him during the match. Although the match started off well, Nadal placed him under a lot of pressure later on. He did not take some chances and during both sets he was broken after it reached 4-4. Ferrero lost all four of his matches against Nadal this year, and he said that he haven’t played at his best level during all these matches. For example towards the end of today’s match he could not play according to his game plan. But he will continue to work on these deficiencies during practice.
Ferrero also said he will leave Beijing at about 11am on Sunday. He had good memories this week in Beijing and in his spare time, he bought many DVDs. Tomorrow is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival.When he heard the stories about mooncakes Ferrero nodded his head. Maybe he was thinking of buying some for his family and friends.
*Original article (in Chinese) can be found here*

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