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17th September
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17 September 2005
Even though the organisers have arranged for Nadal to have his own private shower room, Nadal had never used it. According to some tournament volunteers, maybe it was because he felt too bored using his private room. Every time after practice or a match, he would go to the public shower room (shared with other players). Plus he also liked to talk to other players, although his English is not very good.
However another Spaniard, Ferrero’s habits are very different. Ferrero has high standards for the little things. Other players wouldn’t mind using the toiletries supplied by the hotel but Ferrero had never touched them. He only uses his own shampoo and shower gel brought from Spain. Plus he had rules about not giving autographs to staff after intervews which disappointed many people.
*Original article (in Chinese) can be found here*

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