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18th September
written by kat

original article from – translated by kat
18 September 2005
Yesterday afternnon Ferrero was at the hotel restaurant enjoying “coffee time”. (ed: I’m guessing this would be like afternoon tea time or similar) Maybe it was because he reached the semi finals he was in a good mood and allowed the journalist to approach and chat with him. On the one hand Ferrero was drinking his coffee, and on the other he was reading a thick novel. When the journalist was curious to know what that book is, Ferrero politely turned it over for the journalist to see. It was another bestselling novel by the “Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown – “Deception Point”. When Ferrero realised the journalist also knows Dan Brown, he seemed very happy. But maybe he was too intrigued by the storyline he quickly went back to reading the novel.
*Original article (in Chinese) can be found here*

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