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20th February
written by kat

JCF’s blog post from 20th February 2009
Im sorry since I didnt write you guys in the whole day. I had a relaxing day today after the match I had yesterday against Marcel Granollers. It was very tough and I finished exhausted. There were moments on the court with more than 40 degress…unreal!
I play against Nabaldian tomorrow, centre court, second match after 7.30. I dont know if it will be shown on TV but it will be very late in Spain. Complicated match in Buenos Aires against Nabaldian, in front of his crowd..but Im very motivated for tomorrow…Sorry but now I have to go to sleep…Lets talk soon.

Siento no haber escrito en todo el dia. Hoy tuve un dia de descanso total después del partido de Granollers de ayer. Fue muy duro y acabe bastante cansado la verdad. Hubo momentos de mas de 40 grados en la pista…. Mañana juego último partido del dia contra Nabaldian, pista central, segundo partido de las 7.30. No se si lo televisarán pero será de madrugada en España. Partido duro, en Buenos Aires Nabaldian con su gente pero estoy con muchas ganas para este partido….Ahora os dejo que me voy a dormir…Hablamos J.C

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