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Thanks for visiting and reading this by the way – I hope you like it!  🙂
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This is an unofficial & non-commercial website. I AM NOT & DO NOT personally know Juan Carlos Ferrero or have any contact with him, so don’t send me any emails addressed to him.
All pictures & other information taken from other sources will be credited and is only used for non-commercial purposes, if you are the owner of such material and do not approve of its usage in this site, please contact me and I will remove it from this site.
All original content (fanart, fanfics, screencaps, wallpapers etc) belong to their respective owners, please DO NOT steal. PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT LINK anything from this site >> If you don’t know what direct linking means, READ THIS!
Thank You!
First of all thank you to EVERYONE who visits this site! Without the JC fans this site wouldn’t be possible! So thank you very much for visiting, I hope you enjoy it!
Secondly, I want to thank Juan Carlos Ferrero for hmmm being himself? LOL Plus always being so kind to fans! Keep up the great work!
Plus I’m really really grateful to have Caroline & Marie as staffers on this site! Thanks for all your hard work in keeping this site updated! I also must thank Oxy, Dingwen, Steph, Tracey, Rebecca, Trachy15, Jaxene & Maly who had also helped out on this site!! Thank you sooo much 🙂



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