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1st June
written by kat

from Tennis Life Magazine by Eleanor Preston
June 2004
Watching Juan Carlos Ferrero shaping up to hit one of his trademark blistering forehands is a fascinating sight. He stands his ground, legs taut and eyes on the ball, and just when you think he’s going to whack seven bells out of it, everything goes into slow motion. At that moment, as he makes contact, he is suddenly gentle, as though stroking a sleeping kitten.
Of course there’s nothing remotely gentle about it by the time it comes cannoning over the net, as all Ferrero’s opponents can testify. Of all the skills Ferrero has in his talented hands, it’s the forehand that took him to the top of the world rankings and won him the French Open title last year, and it’s the forehand that may count as the most penetrating weapon when he returns to Paris to defend his title.
However, Ferrero is anything but a one-trick pony. There’s the serve, the movement, the glacial coolness under pressure and most of all the belief that it’s his destiny to be this good.

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1st March
written by kat

from Ace Magazine – special thanks to Kiara for typing it up!
March 2004
>> Scans from the magazine
“Inconspicuous” would be the kindest way to describe the small bungalow that Juan Carlos Ferrero lives in at his tennis academy in central Spain. So modest that if the local estate agent were to stick a photo of it up in his shop window it would barely catch the eye of a passer by.
It’s a nondescript, two bedroom, peach coloured building over looking a flat, featureless farmland.
When he’s not on tour this is where the world number 3 spends most of his time. And he doesn’t even live there alone- he shares accommodation with Israel’s Matos Gil, ranked 598 on the ATP computer.
To be fair Ferrero also owns a rather large home in Valencia which far more befits his status as a millionaire several times over. But when he’s training at the academy – The JC Ferrero Equelite Acedemia de Tenis- The French Open champion likes to keep things unpretentious.

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29th May
written by kat

The ATP this week begins a new series featuring the personalities behind the players of the ATP circuit.
2002 in Review
I think I played very well, from January to the end of the year because when I started the year I had a few injuries and I could not play Australia and some tournaments in the beginning. But I think finally I played very well, reaching the final of the Masters Cup and finishing No.4.
Greatest victory in 2002
Maybe Monte-Carlo. I played the final in Roland Garros but I could not win, so I think the greatest victory for me was in Monte-Carlo.
Greatest victory in my career
The Davis Cup was the most important one for me and for Spain.
Goals for 2003
If I am not No.1, I would like to be in the top five and to try and win one Grand Slam because I have played two big finals but I could not win. I try to improve mentally. It is tough to be positive the whole year because the year is very long.

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