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23rd June
written by kat

June 23, 2008
J. FERRERO/S. Querrey
2-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4
Q. I thought you’d forgotten how to play grass court tennis there for a set.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Not really, but I was not playing for a couple of weeks because I was injured, so at the beginning I couldn’t get a lot of rhythm.
He plays very fast all the time with his serve and also with his forehand. You know, I was trying all the time, and since the second set I think I played a good match.
Q. With the way he hits the ball, he strikes very early. It must be very difficult to get a long rally to get some rhythm into the match.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Well, yeah, of course. But the big worry to me was try to move well on the court because of my injury in the last weeks. At the beginning I was a little bit slower than after.
It wasn’t the strokes or the rallies, I think. The best word for me was try to move well and try to hit the ball well.
Q. What’s his future, do you think?
Q. Sam Querrey.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I don’t know. I think he has to learn like everybody, and I think he has good potential to play good. He has a very good serve, good forehand.
I think he can play really good in all surface, like he did. Maybe in the clay courts season he play good.
Q. What do you hope for when the U.S. hard court season begins? How many tournaments do you think you’ll be able to play?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I’m going to play Toronto and Cincinnati and the US Open.
Q. So that will be just enough?

6th July
written by kat

July 6, 2007
THE MODERATOR: Juan Carlos. Who would like to ask the first question?
Q. How did you feel today? Must have thought you were in with a pretty good chance after that second set.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: No, you know, today was all the time very difficult to hit the ball, you know, nicely like the other days.
During the third set I start to, you know, not feel the ball as nice as I was feeling the first two sets. You know, I couldn’t make any point in the third.
But then at the fourth, I try it again. I did a lot of (indiscernible) but the little chances with two breakpoints in the third game, and I couldn’t make it. Was difficult to break his serve.
Q. The conditions with the wind, do you feel had it been a calmer day you could have given more of a challenge?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: You know, I knew before to play him that always is very difficult to beat him in any conditions. But today, you know, the worst conditions to feel the ball good, try to hit the ball strong all the time.

Today was almost impossible to hit the ball three times nice. Was very difficult to play out there.

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3rd July
written by kat

July 3, 2007
THE MODERATOR: Juan Carlos Ferrero. Questions, please.
Q. After winning two sets in the third round, the tiebreak, what was going through your mind?
Q. Yes.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: It was very important to win because the rain was coming again. You know, I knew was a very important match for me, so tried to finish in three sets. Also I think was very important to be fit as well tomorrow.
Q. How do you feel about the fact that Roger has had a nice long rest?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Well, you know, he has a little bit lucky with this match against Haas. But, anyway, if he had to play a matches or not, it’s going to be the same tomorrow I think. Physically he’s very good, so he recover very good, so doesn’t matter if he played or not.
Tomorrow is going to be difficult same as if he didn’t play.

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29th June
written by kat

June 29, 2007
THE MODERATOR: Juan Carlos Ferrero.
Q. Was that one of your best performances on grass of your career?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Could be, yeah. Could be. The most important thing today I think I enjoy it the whole match. Maybe less the first set, then I start to play very aggressive all the time with my serve and with my forehand, attacking to his backhand all the time.
You know, like I said, I enjoyed the whole match. This is the more important thing.
Q. Have you come to enjoy playing on grass more over the years, or is it still something you don’t particularly look forward to?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Of course you have to learn a lot to play very good on grass. You know, during passing the years of course I enjoy much to play here.
But anyway I thinking in the last two or three years it’s slower, the courts, and we have more time to try to hit good the ball. So I think it’s important also for the players.

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25th June
written by kat

from the official Wimbledon website
25 June 2004
America’s Robby Ginepri created the biggest upset of the men’s tournament so far by dumping the number six seed Juan Carlos Ferrero out in the third round, 6-3, 6-4, 6-1.
The Spaniard appeared drained by his titanic effort in coming back to defeat Stefan Koubek yesterday and could offer no resistance to the 27th seed, who wrapped up the match in 81 mintues. Ginepri will play last year’s semi-finalist Sebastien Grosjean in the last 16.
The 21-year-old made today’s task look ridiculously simple. He was only briefly troubled in the first set, when Ferrero broke him in the third game. But Ginepri bounced right back with two breaks of his own to take the set 6-3.
It seemed only moments later that he notched up another break and was steaming off with the second set, with Ferrero’s ratio of winners to errors hopelessly off key. Ginepri wrapped it up with an ace and the 2003 French Open champion was two sets down inside an hour. It was all a long way from the baseline slugathon against Koubek.

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24th June
written by kat

from the official Wimbledon website
24 June 2004
The number six seed Juan Carlos Ferrero saved two match points to defeat Stefan Koubek 4-6, 7-5, 5-7, 7-6(6), 8-6 in the second round today. For much of the match it seemed that the 2003 French Open champion was destined to become the biggest casualty of The Championships to date. But he held on to win 8-6 in the fifth.
It was a boost to the Spaniard in a difficult season, after his best year to date in 2003. Chickenpox, that least fashionable of adult illnesses, cost him four weeks out in March. Then rib and wrist injuries forced another two-week lay-off in May. His late decision to attempt a defence of his title at Roland Garros ended in second round defeat. Today he was clearly in pain with a thigh injury but held on for a dramatic victory.

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